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Gravity Rush Trailer

Gravity Rush – or Daze, as it’s known in Japan – will be available at launch on February 22, as a downloadable title. As you’ll see, the game’s central premise is the control of gravity. That and weeping quietly at the beauty of the world.


Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Production Comes to a Halt

Funimation announced on Thursday that it has suspended production on all future Blu-ray releases of the Dragon Ball Z television anime series, including the Level 2.1 disc that was originally scheduled to be released on March 27.

Funimation said that it had produced the Blu-ray editions of the series due to fan demand; however, the company explained that “due to technical challenges of restoring from the original film frame by frame, we are unable to continue these releases by way of this process.” The company added it will re-evaluate its process of creating these Blu-rays and will research more efficient methods of restoration. Funimation announced last July that it would release the series for the first time on Blu-ray. Funimation and the Dallas-based company ANDTRANSFER remastered the series from the original Japanese 16mm film reels at 1080p, keeping the original 4:3 aspect ratio. The first set, Dragon Ball Z Level 1.1, was released with the first 17 episodes on November 8.


Max Payne 3 Documentary: Targeting, Weapons, and Movement


Nintendo’s Brand Woes

This year’s E3 is already expected to bring with it a new direction for Nintendo’s still in development Wii U, and now rumours claim that it might even see a total re-brand for the device.

Citing “sources close to the platform holder”, CVG reckons that “serious discussions are ongoing at the highest level in the US and Japan as to whether the firm should cut its losses and give the console a different name” after what it describes as a disappointing E3 debut last year.

It also points out Nintendo’s decision to push the new TV tagline “This is not DS. This is Nintendo 3DS” in its UK ads for the handheld.

The platform holder itself has admitted that its choice of brand for the device confused consumers, many of whom believed it was nothing more than a DS with a 3D screen.

There is merit to the idea of ditching the Wii brand and starting afresh with its new machine.

At the same time, few gaming brands have established themselves so firmly in the wider public conscious as Wii. Is that something Nintendo is really ready to give up?

-By Ben Parfitt for MCV


Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Trailer


Resident Evil 6 Trailer(With Developer Message)



New Xbox coming in 2013? Rumor has it that xbox is set to release new hardware 6x more powerful than the 360. There’s also a possibility that it will be sending used games to the chopping block; not just those pesky games that turn into bigger hand-me-down’s than your brothers sneakers, but the entire concept of used games. What do you guys think, will the extermination of used games be a deal breaker for the xbox fans?

We are also hearing from Big Shiny Robot that Rocksteady Studios is working on a new TNMNT that will use the Batman Archam Asylum engine. All four turtles are playable as well as flashback’s playing as Splinter/Hamato Yoshi. The villains we’ve heard will be Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, Baxter Stockman(pre and post mutation) and of course the almighty Shredder/Oroku Saki. Everything about this rumor sounds good, but it gets me thinking back to the last few attempts at the series… I hope it doesn’t suck haha


Hitman Absolution

When most video game players think of the Hitman franchise, they picture a silent assassin choking an enemy with a power cord, or sniping from a shadowy space, or covertly taking them out with a bong (no, really).

So it’s interesting to watch lead character Agent 47 pop into a room, with no interest in staying hidden, grab an ax and start whacking away at foes.

But don’t think the franchise has completely embraced the open approach to “conflict resolution” in Hitman: Absolution, developed by studio IO Interactive. Players who enjoy stealthier tactics will find this game still seems to deliver.

During a recent, hands-off demo hosted by publisher Square Enix, I watched as Agent 47 infiltrated an orphanage disguised as a priest to rescue a young girl, who happens to be a key target for your employer, among others. It starts with the assassin sitting inside an elevator shaft as he watches two gunman slay a defenseless nun.

My first run through the demo took a “professional” route, which follows Agent 47’s standard operating procedure. He moves carefully through the orphanage, chucking a toy toward the ground to create a distraction, taking down enemies with silent choke holds and stuffing them in a closet or other nearby hiding space.

A meter representing Agent 47’s Instinct fills as this happens, which lets the player study the movements of enemies when activated. There’s also a suspicion mechanic, represented by an arrow that grows narrow the more nervous enemies become. For the most part, the experience was textbook Hitman.

The second, “violent” approach to this demo revealed a bit more about what happens when Agent 47 is out in the open. It looks covert at first, until he announces his presence by splitting an enemy’s head with an axe. And in case Agent 47’s lumberjack impression wasn’t enough, a warning pops up to remind players his position has been “exposed.”

Another sequence featured Agent 47 mowing down a group of enemies with a series of slow-motion, execution style gunshots aimed at blowing up explosive cannisters and quickly dispatching enemies. The demo played more like a third-person, cover-based action title.

The “violent” approach showcased the game’s flexibility, beyond just using a different route for completing a mission. Hitman reminds me of another stealth series, Metal Gear Solid, specifically because I never felt I had completed a mission correctly unless I stayed hidden the entire time or didn’t follow the correct formula.

Based on the demo of Hitman: Absolution, it appears players can move through missions, slip up a couple of times, and not feel as if they’ve made a critical error. However, those who crave the tougher challenge can still find opportunities to approach the game in a more rigid manner.

Hitman: Absolution launches this year for, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

By Brett Molina for USA Today


New Releases!!!

Mutant Mudds (3DS)

Development studio Renegade Kid is most famous for creating Dementium: the Ward, a survival horror game that was technologically very impressive for the Nintendo DS hardware it was running on. It improved on this technology for their other shooter titles Moon and Dementium II, but their newest release has taken the opposite approach. Mutant Mudds is a downloadable 3DS title that uses a retro style and simplified gameplay mechanics, evoking memories of older SNES shooters. Fortunately, Renegade Kid handles the old school as well as the new.

The story’s premise is simple and explained in about thirty seconds. Strange mud-like aliens have come to Earth, attached to a meteor, and are now running amok. You play the role of a young child, aided by his grandmother, who is able to defeat the Mudds with a water cannon and, strangely, a water-powered jetpack that lets him hover. The game is appropriately light on story, suffice it to say that you need to collect all of the Water Sprites that can be found at the end of each level in order to defeat the Mudds.

Jim Avery for Nintendo Gal


Mass Effect 3 Figures Come With Downloadable Content

Randomized DLC will come packaged with BioWare’s new line of Mass Effect action figures.

Just when you thought DLC couldn’t get any more elaborate, EA will release several Mass Effect action figures in March that will include DLC for BioWare’s upcoming sequel Mass Effect 3. Available for preorder at the BioWare Store and, each action figure contains a different set of in-game content available only for the PC and Xbox 360 North American release of the game.

Before everyone gets too excited, though, the BioWare Store explains that the DLC content is “slightly randomized during the registration” of any particular action figure and might only introduce things like weapon mods, upgrades, and new characters for use in multi-player. Depending on the specifics, it might not be worth shelling out the $20 for your very own model of a scientist Salarian (who has studied species Turian, Asari and Batarian) if all he comes with is a new costume for his in-game version.

The action figures are estimated to release in April or May of this year, and interested parties can order each model individually for $20 USD or in packs of four for approximately $75 USD. Most of the ME 2 cast is included in the pack, although fans of the game will notice they forgot to include characters like Jacob, Samara, or Jack which is pretty odd considering how major a role they all played.

Paul Goodman– The Escapist


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