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Mass Effect 3- Full Cinematic Trailer

New Max Payne 3 Trailer!!!


Street Fighter x Tekken: Crossover ep.1

Syndicate Preview


Lollipop Chainsaw- Valentines Day Trailer


New Videogame Trailer for Sleeping Dogs is Not A Videogame Trailer


The Darkness II Interview with Producer Seth Olshsfki


Game of Thrones (RPG): Riverspring Trailer

Binary Domain Trailer!!!


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Reviewed

Final Fantasy XIII-2 proves itself the better game, but it lacks the same focused storytelling employed in the original. It benefits from an improved battle system, open environments, and an overall level of polish that deserves a nod of respect. Despite its severe lack of closure, Final Fantasy XIII-2 still deserves your time, especially for a few poignant moments set at the end of days.”

Ryan Clements for IGN 80 of 100

“FFXIII-2 repairs almost every problem with Final Fantasy XIII, delivering an experience that feels like what that original game should have been. If your faith in Final Fantasy has been damaged by past disappointment, playing FFXIII-2 will restore your excitement for the franchise’s future.”

Official XBOX Magazine(UK) 90 of 100

“Beneath the emotional tale and a superb cast of characters lies an abundance of shallow filler content with no real purpose It’s disappointing to see a game with so much heart struggle under the burden of artificial mechanics.”

Playstation: The Official Magazine(US) 80 of 100

“Not the vastly different experience we might have expected, but no less welcome as a result. FFIII-2 comes recommended for those who didn’t get enough from the last game – however, those who were unconvinced are going to remain just that.”

Play UK 80 of 100


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